Who We Are And What We Do

Rise To Freedom U is a global community of freedom seekers whose mission in life is simple: help each other rise up into lives filled with freedom by building businesses that we love. Our community is designed to serve home-based business owners in the network marketing, affiliate marketing, info-marketing and coaching professions with trainings, courses, live events and masterminds to utilize online marketing strategies to free up their time and build businesses they love.

Our Freedom Code

As a Rise To Freedom U Member, not only are we as a company responsible to provide you with the tools and training you need to rise up to new levels in your business with what we teach, as a community member YOU take on the responsibility to help others in our community to rise up too.  We are a family and our responsibility to each other is to make sure no one gets left behind on our journey to a more freedom filled lives.  Today marks the day when we lock arms together as a leaders with a mission and an understanding that there are always new levels of freedom that can be earned.  We know that when we work together as one community...

Our own goals for freedom will always rise up to new heights.

Meet Your Rise To Freedom U Founders


Kate McShea is a previous Second Grade Teacher turned Entrepreneur, Speaker and Trainer. After struggling for 12 months with offline strategies to build her business, Kate knew there had to be a better way.  She turned to the internet and learned the key ingredients necessary to build their business online.

After implementing simple internet marketing strategies to grow their business, Kate and Andrew brought in 937 new customers into their business on autopilot in less than 9 months and grew their business from zero to 6 figures in 11 months and have gone on to close over $2 million dollars in sales in the last year 4 years leveraging the internet, social media and video marketing.

Kate's strength is utilizing her unique teaching and coaching abilities to make the most complicated concepts become actionable and attainable.  Kate's passion is teaching and training other home business owners how to automate and scale their businesses leveraging the internet so her clients can truly live a life that they love.


Andrew McShea is a sought after speaker and trainer specializing in sales, team building & helping push people to reach their true potential. After graduating college he found that the American Dream wasn't what he expected (working 70 hours per week at his full time job and working as a bar back until 2am just to pay the bills), he turned to the internet so he could provide an extra side income for his family.

After 4 years of struggle in his sales career and with his side business, he broke free producing over $12 million dollars in sales in his sales career in just one year and in their side business Kate & Andrew have generated over 100,000 leads online and closed over $2 million dollars in sales as affiliate marketers, creating their own informational training products and coaching high caliber clients.

Andrew specializes in team building, closing sales and unleashing your true potential so you can live a life that is rewarding and highly profitable.