Raving Fans


Dr. Lena Fernandez

CEO of Moringa Natural Health Center

"While I was meditating this morning it just hit me that I should be thanking more in here for our outstanding coaches and this amazing group. This year has been filled up with many ups and downs, however, nothing slowed me down.

While I was meditating this morning it just hit me that I should be thanking more in here for our outstanding coaches and this amazing group. This year has been filled up with many ups and downs, however, nothing slowed me down.

So, once again, big thanks to Kate, Penny, Thanh, and everyone else in here that keep inspiring me to live my dreams."


Julie Burke

Owner of CreateSuccessWithJulie.com

“Working with Kate McShea has been completely life changing on so many levels. Already a successful Network Marketer, I turned to Kate to teach me online marketing and how to leverage my business. She has this natural ability to teach people simplistic strategies so anyone can comprehend it.

The support and guidance she gives her students is absolutely priceless. Since working with Kate everything has shifted in my business. My confidence has grown tremendously, I've developed 2 courses, I have an automation system set in place and my income grew 5x within two months of working together. One of the best decisions I made for my families future, and I highly recommend working with her if you're looking to elevate your growth and income."


Ryan McMorris

Owner of Intentional Lifestyle University

“Before I met Kate I was working a full-time 9-to-5 job.  I was struggling in my business breaking even every month just to cover the monthly fees to stay active I had no direction in my business and was about to quit.

I saw a video from Kate and knew that it was time to make a change I hopped on the phone with her in the next day I started my journey. It will be a year in September and I have successfully retired from my 9-to-5 job. I’ve created a 4 figure per month income in my business and most importantly I've grown personally and have created an amazing authority in the industry."


Michael Lapetina

Owner of MichaelLapetina.com

"In 60 days of working with Kate I hit the leaderboard in my company.  I’m actually up on there still now! After 45 days of working with Kate I had 40 sales.  Before that I only made one sale in my first 3 months.  In the last 10 days I have enrolled 5 people into my MLM.  Kate is just an amazing teacher."


Holly Homer

Owner of Quirky Momma and Kids Activities Blog

"Kate has helped me so much. She has a gift for breaking complicated things down into simple, doable steps. Her enthusiasm helps motivate throughout the process.

I have not only learned specifics on what I need to do, but an overall philosophy that has made me more successful. I highly recommend you be a part of anything that Kate is doing!"


Laura Harris

Owner of LauraHarris.com

"I first met Kate and Andrew at a workshop they were hosting. I was totally new to online marketing, and a little overwhelmed by it all. Kate and Andrew both did such a great job of simplifying and explaining how you can use the internet to grow any type of business. They opened my eyes to the possibilities and help to dissipate my fears.

Since then, Kate has become a friend and mentor, helping me to establish my online presence. I have worked with many coaches over the years, and Kate is one of the most gifted! She is a great listener and communicator, and has a unique ability to focus in on the most important issues, clear blocks, and get results. I highly recommend working with her if you want to take your business to the next level!"

Marquel Russell (CEO at Entrepreneur Extraordinaire)

I was working with Kate on getting more people on my webinars/online events and converting them to sales...Long story short...A couple of tweaks from that conversation lead to a 5-Figure month ($13,430.83 to be exact). It's safe to say that Kate knows her stuff!


Tim Erway

CEO of Elite Marketing Pro

"Andrew and Kate are two of the most driven, talented and refreshingly “real” trainers you’ll find anywhere. The results they’ve gotten by taking massive action in such a short amount of time is super impressive and they continue to stay on the cutting edge of all things marketing.  In fact, they’re at the very top of the list as my own personal ‘go to guys’ on the subject, which is about as good of an endorsement as I can give. "


Ray Higdon

Owner of RayHigdon.com

"Kate and Andrew are incredible trainers that add a lot of value to the marketplace and on top of that are a LOT of fun to be around. These guys are always focused on impacting and helping others and it's been awesome watching them grow into such rock stars."


Ferny Ceballos

Chief Marketing Officer of Elite Marketing Pro

"As her mentor & friend, I've literally had a front row seat to watching Kate McShea, go from ZERO to building a multiple 6-figure home business in less than 18 months and enroll over 900 people into her home business.

As an online marketer, Kate recently produced over $200,000 in sales from 125 new customers generated from a series of webinars and she literally has the highest show-up rates and closing ratios on her webinars that I've seen anywhere.

Kate is truly a case of the student becoming the master, as she is now teaching me a great deal about her unique approach to creating sales en masse and I know she is the best in the industry for anyone who wishes to do the same in their businesses."